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Thank you!
 For you my friend -aj  I may be a stranger, but thank you.You saved someone who I’ll always care for  טסט  tuh hubh akh
 We miss you terribly, you are always on our mind and deeply in our heart. LOV  Always missing you. D.haim  they lied! not getting any easier  We miss you so much Yonie-li. Love you, always!
 I BELIEVE!  Thinking of you. Miss you so much.. Visit me in my dreams d.haim  RIP men  You were gone for a while, but you are back we missed you so much. LOVE you!
 Your memory lives in our hearts Rip Yonie. Victor Matalon  love lives forever  דוד שרוליק  מיכל פרי
 Love You Yonie✨✨✨✨✨  11 שנה  חזרת... אני בקושי נושם. מתי זה היה?  still waiting
 i just found out today. wewerent close but you would know me juat as i knew y  angel  angel  Nine years...
 Like from the minute that you were born you still are and allways will be in  תשע שנים חלפו.  ת.נ.צ.ב.ה  אני מתגעגעת עד אין סוף
 We love you and miss you so much, I think that the pain gets stronger as time  keep him safe with you.  my broken heart....  Love you Bro!
 i miss u!  I never had the pleasure of meeting you but from the kind words I hear about  OMG Yonie'li so many candles, you are gone for the past 7 years but never fo  YES u do!
 It only gets harder and harder  לא הכרתי אותך, אך כבנו של חבר ילדות שלי מחולון נושא אני תפילה שזכרך ישמר לנצח  I miss you so much Yonie..... Pain never get's easier.  After seven years and I still can't find the right words describe the pain a
 כבר שבע שנים עברו בלעדייך יוני, מתגעגעים, זוכרים ואוהבים אותך לתמיד. אירית סל  I miss you so much Yonie. I need a hug from you so bad. Ariel....  It's already seven years but the pain is still unbearable, love you Yonie'l  🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 💔
 🐻 ...דובי גדול... 🐻 מתגעגע אליך  😇 יוני. יוני. יוני 😇  💋7 years. ת.נ.צ.ב.ה  I never had the privilege of meeting you, but I know how much you meant to Ar
 thank you.  seriously? 7 freaking years?  Who knew, greatest brothers and also greatest uncles. I love you so much Yoni  Reut Menashe
 ur here...finally  Congrats Uncle Yoniekoo Miss you D.H  Great seeing you today. I love you Ari  Still waiting for MY visit. (not fair) dh
 Happy Birthday, Yonie. You are missed very very much <3  Happy Birthday Yonie. I love you and I miss you so much.  Happy birthday Yonie. I love you. I wish you were here to meet her.  We Love you and miss you so much, we were rubbed big time from having you in
 so many tears...still  Been thinking about u so much lately  Once again, your awesome (better looking than you) brother. <3  I wish I woukd have got the chanse to meet you. batel
 I love you so much Yonkers! Nice talkin with you today! - Arielikoo  Etzion Peleg  RITA ABOUDI KOREN  Yehudit Erenberg Shauli
 smadar qual  ben kozuch  irit shtrenger kaplan  Eitan Naor
 ORNA HAGAY  Mori Cordovi  yulit mallach- shemesh,  dov peled (feld)
 mendy greenwald  iris greenwald  pleeeeeeeez!!!  I miss you Yonie. So so so much.
 this is obscene!  חיה רבק  Love You Yonie  It's been so long since you passed and i cant believe how long its been. I l
 OY Yonie what a void and a pain in our heart you left behind, Love You!!!  I miss you more than you know, man....  i miss you with all my heart everyday  I'm ready 4 u now
 ת.נ.צ.ב.ה  It really sucks that I didn't get to know you that well even though I was al  I hate being such a disappointment... So why do I always end up one.  I love ur voice!
 It's happening!  Visit me tonight bro, I really need you. I love you - Ari  Rachel Gil  Ron EZ City
 All this love! בזכותך נישמתי!  This day never gets easier. Love you and miss you like crazy. -clair  avraham granat  Shayna Granat
 Miriam Ricardo  Rena Levy  Tiffany Neeley  It was amazing meeting you Yonie.
 Happy birthday yo-yonie!!! (sparks all over me aonie and yajay) miss you soo  Happy Birthday Yonie!!! Love, Pam Neeley  Miss you much Yonie. Happy Birthday old friend - Angela  Happy Birthday Bro!!! Love you, Eric (guatalatamar)
 Zohar Karin  Roy Vapnik  lily weiser  lilat weiser
 lilat weiser  dalia gal  Diana Geoffrion  iris kedem
 iris kedem  מיכל פרי, שלא תדעו עוד צער בריאות ונחת לכל משפחת סאלי  Shachar  Tova Iny
 elsa  מתגעגעת  dana takomi glanzman  For the memory of Yonie - Galit
 by knowing your amazing father I feel the need to light a candle - i heard yo  Robert  Wow Yonieli so many people still feel the void that you left in our hearts. l  Happy Birthday Yonie!!! 25, u r one ooooooooold fart! I miss you so much and
 rima  Counting down the milliseconds till I get to see you!!! :D  i need my big brother.  Happy Hebrew Birthday
 חודש טוב, בני החודש שלך  TY so so much for helping me to open my eyes...finally!  I miss you bro... :'(  jane dana
 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  I miss you Yonie. And I love you so much. Best bro's for life.  Tara Schreiber  Miss you bro. Ari.
 ilan Dan  So many opportunities (for tikun), so little time  From ORIANN Support Team  Miss you... Miss you.. Miss you.. D.H
 Give me the strength to do what I should do...please!  Dylan Smth  Just thought of you today. Angie  Benji
 Light my way baby  טל נוריאל  יהודית  Missing you soo much.. I hope u can vivit me in my dreams!! Love u cuz
 ur lil bro!!! I miss you.  משתתפת בצערכם   בצערכם משתתפים מישראל  love you so much cousin .
 Everlasting -Tausha  Yoni Shoshan  Memories...  I'm still praying for you <3
 lighting a candle for you  You are in my heart always. I love you. Nicole  I'm blessed to have the memories I do of you. Miss you and Love you always,  the reasons..
 peleg carmeli  Yonie.. we will never 4get u or EVER stop loving u... cousin ASi ( Isa )  I miss you buddy, but your memory lives on. Weston  We all miss you so much cant believe its been so long I love you and will nev
 i miss you more than words can express. i love you yonie !! xo . b  wow 5years already. i think about you all the time i love and miss you very m  miss you & love you!  miss you man
 I love you Yonie. Bros for life.  miss you yonie!! Olivia ;)  ANother year gone.. Miss you D.H  I miss you yonie!
 I miss you!  We miss you Yonie! Every minute of every day.. We all wish you were still her  we all miss u yoni. we all will never forget you and youre soul lives on...  May your eternal shine on all those who love you so.
 Know how much your family loves you and misses you..keep smiling on them and  i never knew u but u sound like a great guy!  i have gotten to know your brother. he has a strong heart and a much loyalty  miss you so much.
 can describe the loss that we still endure.LOVE you and thinking of you ALWAY  Yonie-li it's five years already sice you left us, there are no words that c  Yonie. Weird and amazing.  We were playing a game and I was describing Ariel and Tali's first guess was
 In Loving Memory of you Yoni!!!  שלא תדעו צער ומכאוב אוהבים ברכה וסמי שבירו ישראל קרית אתא  Thinking of you today Yonie- The Neeley family  You were a teacher in life and after too.
 Feels like FOREVER!!!   I have never met you but i heard you were Very special guy, A.O.  THANKYOU!  Thank you so much ( U know best what for ; ) !
 Your lil bro! Miss you!  Meytal Laor  I miss you bro! u were the best big brother ever!  Nechama Fisher
 Love you yonchook! saw you yesterday ;)  Machelle Boblitt/ University of Phoenix  best bros 4 life! :)  I FORGIVE YOU!
 Elisheva Lavi (Where you are now, is better then earth)  missing ur face too much already!  I LOVE U! from ur favorite!  omer b.a.
 Jonah oh Jonah... miss you so much man! ur the best! =)  i miss you so much! I need you now more than EVER!!!  LOVEEEE U.. D haim  Miss u cuz!!! Sitting here on a sat night thinking bout u.Wish u were here
 Blessings, Nikki Borden-Schissel  zlila peri las vegas  Lisa Ashley  david hai
 Thinking of you and know you are watching over your mom and family.  thinking of you tary  miss you!!!! so much  Simply the BEST!
 tal nuriel  yehudit angstreich  adaAAS  איציק אקוקה
 Jimmy Greenawalt we miss you very much  Jimmy Greenawalt  Missing you everyday yonie.. D haim  Happy Happy Birthday Yonie!!! I love you bro! Eric
 Rachel Felts  Happy Birthday Yonie! We miss you and love you very much! Lavi family  Niv I  Eli Halpert
 happy birthday. we miss you and love you. haim family  R.I.P. yonie sally - Ezra Tawil  happy birthday.from saul  Aaron Glick
 It's your birthday today only 24, We love you and miss you so much Yonie-li  Shai Cohen  I have never met you but from what I've heard, I wish that I did. R.I.P.  orel zetuny
 Happy Birthday Yonie. Miss you. Oren  Happy B-Day big bro!  Regrets Suck!  Kinerett, Kfar -Saba Israel. Shabat Shalom
 <3  Another birthday candle...24!  Katrina Simpson  camille
 לא זכינו להכיר אותך בחייך, אך בזכות אביך שאוהב אותך כל כך,אנחנו מרגישים בנוכח  . .הילי המשך-מרגע לידתך.וביכיתי את גודל ההפסד.יז"ב.  לא הכרתי אותך,אבל אביך חי אותך ודרכו הבטתי בעינך ,כאבתי כאילו הכרתיך מרגע ליד  limor
 amos and yafa etiel  I need you!  hana zyra  Danny Haim
 Hold on baby...Mashiach is near!!!  Wish I would of met you. When ever I'm with your baby sister I feel like I a  chaime erol & fay joy  Chris Valle
 orna hagay  how my life is now is all thx to you! you are the greatest person ever!!  limor paz  Miss you too much!
 Tishmor al aba shelcha from there. Please. He needs it. ES  hanna asulin  Love you Bro!  love you yon' .. miss you.
 Thanks Baby!  LILACH  Miss you Yonie...Sharon Haehnel  Bless you Yonie ...Shelly Haehnel
 You will always be my role model  michael mazir  Love you , Chris  Stephanie Gruttadauria you will be missed!!!!!!!!!
 Ryan Gorgun  Love you and Miss you bro. You will never be forgotten. - Ehsan  We miss u Yonie! love Lyni  Ashlie Larson
 Miss you and think about you every day. Oren  Love you bro, Eric  Helen  we love you and miss you so much, Saba and Savta
 Eti Carmeli  Stav  amit  SAPIR
 Joey Brad  Moshe Zacharya  tal  Bar :(
 Assaf Chechick  sofi :(  תודה שבאת לי בחלום אתמול בלילה. הישאר עימי יותר בפעם הבאה. אבא  מתגעגעים. ליהיא
 Dakota  we miss you so much.  Anna Seliverstov  Kelli, Oren, Orli and Tali ooxxoo
 We love and miss you Yonie  Bar Levi  Avraham Fried  Avi Friedman
 You are unforgetable Michelle Doherty  You ae unforgetable  You're so UNFORGETABLE!!!  Yo Yoners just sayin hello we miss you <3 panda
 רינה סעדו  גם אני  איפה? למה? איך? אני כל כך רוצה להחזיר את הגלגל ואני לא יכול. I Love You. אבא  I love you yonie you are the best brother ANYBODY could have!!!
 Ryan, Brittany and our lil Gabriel sending love from all three of us, we love  Yo, Just droppin by to send you some love ;) Eric  Thinking of you today and remembering the joy you brought to the kids at scho  Miss you bro. thanks for all the laughs.
 ofer  miss you so much.  Mama  David Lynn
 i love you so much yonie  Chantel & Aimee  A'd Matai ??!!!  Happy bday.. Miss you... Danny haim
 Happy Birthday Yonias Q ;)  god bless you yoni  Just look at all these candles for our birthday!  varda noga spielman
 Don & Pam Neeley  Shachar & Udi Spielman  you rock ur a beautiful person  Always thinking of u!
 Yonie, You live on forever in our hearts, Skye, Love to Iris  Dearest Yonie, I will always remember bringing you through for Mom, Love to y  I love the sound of your voice.  Monique & Daniel
 The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.  Dave Svidgal,well done man.  sheyna rose svidgal  Oy yonikoo. It's so hard without you
 I still can't believe it!  I need your amazing light Yonie!  My Hart With U Uri And Family Sally. NATAN MEIR AND KARIN GERICHTERS  Natan Gerichter
 I miss you!!!  ORIANN™ Support  YonieLives through me  Yonie. Aba misses you so much. it hurts.
 Ravit & Yair Kellman thinking of you...  man its been toooo long yoners! I miss you and love you -Amanda  Ayelet Naim  3 years today. I love you, Eric
 We all miss you so much yoniekoo... Haims   שלך קצר להיש  You're my inspiration!  we miss you and love you.
 ofer keren  Yoners we love you  יעל סלי  מאיה סלי
 Beth G What a loving and intelligent light you seemed to share with all  Nancy L.  Ronit Golan  Ayelet Naim
 we'll light next Shabbos in Yonie's honor. Yaron, Sandra & family  גל ואורלי אקוקה•    I didn't know you, but you seemed like a wonderful, beautiful young man, Lyn
 ליהיא  שיילי זוהר ב—  גולן ברנר  עדן ברנר
 אריאל ברנר  נילי ברנר  Yehuda Dahan  danny
 sigalit  גל אקוקה  איציק אקוקה  Everyone that knows you is missing you very much. Say hi to my papi and ksses
 Joey ,Julius Haim  Tami Haim  Steve Haim  D.Haim
 Happy Birzday Yoniekoo....There are no words to describe how much i miss u..D  Happy birthday!  It's your birthday today, thank you for being in my life. savta  Eliyahna
 oren beno  amalia beno  Nancy  miriam
 So happy that you came...!  Nancy L.  I miss you so and always will !!! safta  We miss you all everyday. Debbie
 OH YONIE!!!!  rony koby  zamir harel  תנצ"ב שנישמת
 We think and talk about you every day. Oren  you are always in my heart love you savta  yonieli you are moving to Israel and Iwill miss our thursdays you are always  maya sally
 I miss you bro love kyle does your mama!  Your baby sister loves you  I miss you too much...i think my hearts never going to be fixed. I need my bi
 josef katz  I love you with all my heart! Bros for life, Eric  Madilyn Pounders  The Haim Family misses you soo much.....
 yonny keren  I LOVE you and MISSSSS you soooo much....  Yonie, even though I don't know you that much, I just want to let you know t  LOVE YA BRO....aNDRE*
 Yoniekoo,I miss you sooooooooo much...Missing u every single sec of the days.  Thinking of you always Yonie. I miss you. Alicia  Thinking of you always makes me smile. In my heart always. Love, Sherry  Nicole
 Clair & I still tell funny stories of you. Never forget you. Love you always,  Yonie You are always in our hearts. Never will never forget you. I love you  Brianna Palmer  Lost, but never forgotten. I love you, Eric
 beth brenner  Ha'mevin mevin  Yonie, we will always be hear for you love chris  There is no need to remember that which is not forgotten. Oren
 You were one of the single most amazingly intelligent and wonderful friends I  I would give everything...just to have you back again  yonie you are still on my mine everyday and always will be, lc  Haim family
 Yonie, you are always in my thoughts. Miss you!!!! TAMI  It sinking in, Son and It hurts alot  Many hu didn't know u do much on ur bhaf. 4 this we are happy not sad indeed  Those who have forgotten you never merited knowing you. Sad 4 them indeed!
 Zamir Margalit  It is sad that many have forgotten you  oh yonie i really miss you so much. I know i dont go on your web very much bu  tzipi
 I never met you. But u seem amazing anyways!!! eden  You've been busy up there! Thank you my love!  I'm Here!  Nancy Lemler
 The candle STILL burns bright!  rinat bolin  Jimmy Braner  Victor Haehnel
 I got the message Yonie. Your strength made it all so easy. Thank you!  we all know u will allways b in our hearts, yonie  Missing you and thinking of you, Debbie  TRUTH = FREEDOM
 My heart aches for you  Holly, Dale, Sophie, Alyx  Sam Lemler  I love you yo-yonie
 Moti Yonie, it has been more than two years since the last time I've seen yo  Yonie, it has been more than two years since the last time I've seen you. Yo  to be born today and he was! Now its two years later..I miss you, my shining  Always forgive... one lesson loved to be shared with you :) Chantel
 Star!! Caddalac, with love Alicia  Happy Bday Yonie! I remember you rubbing my sisters belly telling my nephue t  Happy Birthday Yonie. We miss you so much. We want you back. Kelli,Orli,Tali,  yonie... i love and miss you... happy birthday. theres not one day that goes
 Yonie you are so missed. I hope that I was a friend that you knew you could c  I love you Yonie! Happy 21st. love lyni  Happy 21st Birthday Yonie! We miss you! love, nicole  Happy Birthday Yonie!!! - Rick
 Happy 21st Birthday Babyboy! I Love you so much and miss you! -Sari  Happy Birthday Yonius Q Wanamar the 3rd (good ol days) ;-) I love and miss yo  Happy B-day Day! Diana  happy birthday safta and saba
 we miss you so much yonie, you left a big void in our hearts,LOVE you happy  We all love you Yonie!! R.I.P!  Happy B-Day the Reliabuilt Prince  It IS possible to live without love
 yung family may you rest in peace  You're beautiful  Anat gerber, former teacher of Ariel Sally  I can hear you...wishing ME a Happy Birthday like always.
 I miss you my other son,  Your spirit continues to  Here where u belong my lo  Rina Levy-May the light
 Rivka  You Light Up My Life  Roy Vapnik  nurit liraz
 Rebekah  Down & Out  dorita  Nancy L
 Laine Davison  yonie don't for get we  Reach Out!  Yoni you are always in ou
 kryss dwyer  Nimi Elkayam IL  With Love, Miriam K.  Thank You So Much!
 Yafit & Rafi Zohar  I surrender!  Ur the Color of My World!  Nancy Lemler
 My Son, How is it going up there? Are you watching over me? I have been thinking about you SO much lately There are a few more tasks I have got to complete in my lifetime and then I will be right there... I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU ----------- Aba  Keith & Holly Tisherman  Yonie Lives  Yonie we miss you so much
 Jay Castellano  I miss you so much, savta  saba & savta  Ashley Sunstrum
 Yonie's Mom  YonieLives!  Serdar Boduryan  Rivka Haim
 I miss you soo much yonik  DANNY HAIM  nancy lemler  Greenawalt Chiropractic
 haim family  Chanel Dahan  Janis,Vanessa,Micheal  Lior Sally
 Ido Sally  Erez Sally  Nir Sally  Irit Sally
 Srulik Sally  Hold me up, I'm falling  Shylee Braner  Logan Braner
 Aiden Braner  Nili Braner  Bailey Ariel Braner  Nancy L.
 yoram efraim  The Spitzer's  joe cox  haim and cohava eden, LV
 hanan & hagit eden  BROOKLYN Waisman  Nancy L.  We ARE 1
 yosef einbinder  panda  Ariel Yariv  Bobbi Zubli
 RC Ramo  Carrie Agnew  AJ( miss you bro!)  Lauren & Danny
 Bob & Judy Levin  Ein Kamoni Yonie!  Patrick Pozucek  Christopher
 Gilat Ankori  8 month death anniversary  KC..wish we'd met. thing  Donna DelPrete
 luthien  12/13/06 Happy Birthday!  Rick  Arianna res
 Jerry Grau  Laura Grau  Roey Dahan  The Banchik's  amos and yafa etiel  Tovah! and Paul  John & Barbara
 vered Galimidi  effi shencher  shai cohen  Moti Partuk
 Ilia Partuk  Ben and  haim family  tami haim
 tami haim  Mickey Gal  Henry, Edith, Joel & Lior  Autumn
 Jennifer Cohen  Nancy L.  nate  nate
 Safta & Saba  may your soul be elevated  Nancy Lemler  Shira, Erez & Ido Sally
 toni and victor chaltiel  Dear Sally family, I'm s  you are in a beter place  I'm sorry! Forgive me pl
 We miss you Yonners .....  always in my heart..erika  Robert  My Eternal Light...Yonie
 Jen Ford (batsignal buddy  Nancy & Michael & Sam  Wendy To "Yonie" A v  Avraham Faine
 brandon kuzak  yvonne kuzak  ryan kuzak  love Nancy
 Jeff Voorhees  Saba David  Ayala  Srulik
 Sally's family from Isra  mike/paula de carlo  Shany  THE SIMMONS FAMILY
 TAUSHA  DAKOTA  Ofir Dahan  Travis
 Jamie Geary  Eliya & Leon  The Parnell Family  Sari
 Nicole  Rochel  Aba  Arielikoo
 Tom Dowlen  Ocallah thanks you Yonie  Eric (Bros for life)  ortal dahan
 Vineta *love and prayers*  Jimmy and Lucy  uri faine  Orli, Tali, Oren, Kelli L
 nancy, michael and sam le  Eema LOVES Yonie